About Us

Thank you for taking an interest to know about us and our story. Welcome to our special tea circle.


OZTea is an Australian business founded in Melbourne. We aim to offer & provide our services to all tea lovers across the globe. We started with a passion to improve awareness about tea, herbal drinks and all of their health benefits.


At OZTea, we offer premium quality herbal teas, with an emphasis on artisan loose-leaf tea blends. Most of our tea blends are organic and are all sourced from fair trade sustainable plantations, and from reputable tea suppliers.


We Love;

To bring people together to share a cup of tea and enjoy each other’s company


We Aim;

To give people health, nourishment, and calmness

We’re inspired;

To connect with tea lovers and visit as many tea farms and tea stores as possible around the world


We Want;

Our customers to have a great experience when using our products

We Support;

Our tea farmers and their communities to feel enriched


Our Mission

Ensuring high standards of healthy drink practices for people around the world

Our Vision

We make the bridge to connect the tea pickers, farmers and suppliers to tea lovers by offering organic tea and herbal blends to improve health


Golden Leaf Awards 2021

OzTea South African Delight has been awarded a Bronze medal in the Golden Leaf Awards 2021!

The Golden Leaf Awards are Australia’s premier tea awards event. These awards focus on Australasia, however they also welcome participation from the global tea industry if they are commercially available within Australia.

In 2021, there were over 320 entries and the judging panel were selected from across both the hospitality and business sectors and included highly experienced chefs, leading wine sommeliers, head baristas, and food & wine journalists.

There are a few different categories in this competition such as Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea, Yellow Tea, White Tea, Puerh Tea and Herbal Tea and Oztea entered the competition with two herbal teas, both our signature blends; South African Delight and Borage Blend, and we have been awarded a Bronze medal for our South African Delight blend.

South African Delight is a delicious herbal blend of Honeybush, Persian Saffron, Cardamom and Rose Petals. It is a caffeine-free boosting tea with a sweet taste. The main ingredient is Honeybush which comes from the Cyclopia plant that grows only in South Africa, hence why we call it “South African Delight”.


Is Sharing Our Heart ! a Sharing Our Tea,